Example of a foil embossed business card.


Embossing is the procedure by which the paper stock surface is pushed forward using an embossing die to create an image that is raised to the touch. There are different types of embossing that are available.  

A blind emboss is one which is not stamped over a printed image or with a foil. The color of the embossed image is the same as the color of the surface.  

For multi-level embossing, the image area is raised to multiple levels having different depths. This gives the embossed image texture and added relief, and makes it all the more interesting. A printed emboss area registers with a printed or foiled image.

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A sample of our standard foil colors.

Foil Stamping

When a print project needs an elegant touch, it's easily accomplished using a process referred to as foil stamping or hot stamping. The reproduction of graphics such as logos, polished metal, or highlighted spot areas requiring a high quality reflective image, can be effectively achieved by using foil films rather than metallic inks for the end result. BSI has a wide array of standard foil colors from which to choose.

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A sample of our standard foil colors.

Raised Full Color

WOW customers with a raised-ink effect to digital full-color printing which adds that special touch of depth, visual pop and texture only dimensional print can provide.

Download our information sheet for full details.


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We can die cut your card stock in the shape you need.

Die Cutting

The main method of die cutting involves the use of steel rule dies to create specific shapes or designs that cannot be accomplished by a straight cut on a guillotine cutter. By using knife-edge cutting blades formed into a pattern or die, a machine presses the die into the material to produce the desired shape.

Almost any shape can be created and applied to a diverse array of raw materials. Business cards, labels, envelopes, presentation covers and documents are only a few of the many printed products that can be die cut for added functionality.

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We offer braille services on your corporate business cards.

Braille Embossing

We live in a society today where the sightless have become a business force to be reckoned with.  Everyone uses business cards, but to be effective, the recipient needs to read the information.  For the blind, business cards can now be embossed with the Braille alphabet and become a useful communication tool.


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Round cornering your business cards adds a unique look to your stationery.

Round Cornering

A finishing option that softens the look of most business cards is round cornering.  Taking off the hard edges of a rectangular card helps the round corner card stand out.  Round cornering is an inexpensive way to give your business card a new look.

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A picture of our UV coater.

UV Flood Coating

UV, or Ultraviolet, coating is a high gloss, clear coating that is applied to your printed materials and instantly cured (dried) by exposing it to a flash of UV light.  The coating is used to both protect and enhance the product on which it is used.  Typically, UV coating is only used on stocks that are equal to or heavier than 80# cover weight.  BSI also offers varnish coating on products, although it does not present the high gloss look that UV coating does.

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